Digital is so good now…let’s shoot film!


“Some people” now think it is cool to shoot with film and polaroid. Hey, that’s what we did before Digital! News flash: it was very cool back then too. See, you should listen to your elders! So, why digital? ‘cuz we can…and people need their sh** right now…or sooner…and with no rush processing and delivery fees please! Personally, I would like to see a swing from to speed, back to quality. I know it sounds crazy, but maybe even use a light or two. Don’t get me wrong, I love digital. I have been shooting digitally since ’95…Leaf DCBll digital back on a Hasselblad. But one “Con” that comes with digital photography, is that now…everyone is conned into thinking that they are a “photographer”. Well, that’s true if your definition of a photographer is someone who takes pictures. To me…a photographer is someone who creates photographs…anyone can take a picture…big difference.

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