About Jeff

Jeff McMillan is a graduate of Ohio University with a BFA in Visual Communication with a specialization in Photo Illustration.

One week after graduating Cum Laude (and his first interview) Jeff was hired by the largest Commercial Photography Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. There, he assisted three Photographers that each specialized in a different area of photography. The owner of the studio (George Remington) was a Fashion Photographer. Assisting George, Jeff quickly learned to coordinate small intimate shoots in the studio, larger location shoots around town and huge fashion productions on beautiful beaches. After pouring the sand out of his shoes, Jeff may find his next assignment to be assisting the Product Photographer (Gary) as they photograph an automobile, or clear plastic baby bottles for EvenFlo, or the latest, greatest blender for VitaMix. The next day, Jeff may be assisting the Architectural Photographer (Eric) on a shoot for the new Cancer Center in the world renowned Cleveland Clinic.

After only a year and a half, Jeff was notified by the George that he was no longer a Photo Assistant receiving a paycheck from Remington Productions. Jeff quickly developed an eye for light, composition and style, and sooner than most, George promoted him to a full time Photographer for Remington Productions.

Jeff took to the streets with his portfolio and began building his client base. His first client was an advertising agency that was doing work for a company in Michigan that made outdoor electrical boxes, among other plastic injection mold products. That advertising agency (along with many others) worked with Jeff until he would eventually relocate to California in 2004. After his promotion, Jeff remained a Photographer at Remington Productions for another five and a half years before being recruited by a pre-press company to start up and manage a digital photography studio.  Jeff managed that studio and did all photography for three and a half years before venturing out as McMillan Studios in July of 1999…just three months after the birth of his AWESOME son!

In 2004, McMillan Studios moved to Northern California. Seven months after the move, Jeff’s dad Tom,was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Tom was given six months to live. However, since Tom was…”one tough S.O.B” (as he often self proclaimed) he fought for over three years, before loosing his battle with Cancer.
Jeff’s Family is a huge part of his life. In fact (it may not be known until now) that was the reason Jeff chose to name his business…”McMillan Studios”. Even though Jeff was the Photographer, it was never a one man operation. His family was always there to help. Whenever he needed: a set built, walls painted, studios cleaned, or someone to film his high profile shoots, his family was always there and willing to help.
Photography was Tom’s hobby (and luckily for Jeff) his mom Carolyn was really the artistic and creative one. Tom often relied on her critique and advice, since he was red/green color blind. And so with them all back in Ohio, and his Father now resting in peace, Jeff felt it was appropriate to relaunch his business as Jeff McMillan Photography, to represent that he is now, truly…on his own as a sole proprietor, and to also preserve what McMillan Studios was…a family effort that would never be the same again. Jeff, his AWESOME son, and his now X-wife, still reside in California.

Jeff is a seasoned professional…shooting images that are used and seen all over the world. He has worked with high profile clients such as Apple, Yahoo, Calphalon, Ruckus Wireless, Dupli-Color, Craftsman, Matco Tools, Bay Alarm, LeapFrog, Duncan Yo-Yo, Harley Davidson, Concannon Vineyards, Xerox, Applebee’s and many more.

Jeff has also photographed celebrities… Jack Nicklaus, Julie Haener, Arlen Ness, Steve Brown, Artis Gilmore, Lou Holtz and 43 Playboy Playmates. Jeff has photographed motorcycles that were built by Arlen Ness in cooperation with major music groups like Def Leppard and Journey, and corporations like Jelly-Belly, and Xerox.

Jeff still enjoys the wide variety of projects he is called on to shoot.  The clients who hire him for People, Product, Fashion, and Automobile Photography, feel he specializes in each one of those disciplines.  “You get one shot at a first impression…and you gotta knock their socks off!”  Call Jeff McMillan, an Advertising Photography Specialist, and let your images work for you…not against you!

P: 510.566.3263  E: jeff@jeffmcmillanphotography.com