Blog post 2



Ursula Herbst DeCesare:
what camera do u use to capture your baseball shots? My daughter is in dance and the camera I use takes blurry shots even on sports mode. I have a Nikon and an Olympus.

Jeff McMillan:
Hi Ursula,
Are you using a point and shoot, or an interchangeable lens, SLR camera. If you are using a point and shoot, does it have a manual mode? If you are using an SLR, YOUR CAMERAS ARE FINE! Either type of camera…I would take it off the Auto Sports mode, and put it in manual mode. Open the lens up as wide as you can, raise you ISO, and shoot at a shutter speed of approx. 1/800 of a second or faster. Raise your ISO so you can shoot at least that fast with the lens open. Being able to freeze the image without blur depends on the speed, and direction of the movement you are capturing. If the motion is from left to right (across the Image sensor) you will have to shoot at a faster shutter speed to freeze the action, than if the subject is moving towards you (if at a distance). The problem on the sports modes (or any auto mode) is that you don’t know how your camera is setting itself up. The shutter is too slow for the action and lens you are using. To freeze action without a flash you need a very fast shutter speed. The faster the action and the longer the lens…the faster shutter speed you need. Also, rule of thumb just to get a sharp image hand holding the camera with a long lens (even without a moving subject) is, you need a shutter speed that is the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens that you are using. So if you are using a 200mm lens, you need to shoot at, 1/200 of a second, or faster to hand hold the camera and get a sharp image. If you are panning or trying to shoot action you need an even faster shutter speed. When you magnify the image with a long lens, you also magnify the motion and movement! A cool thing to do if you have a flash is to set your shutter for Rear Curtain Sync, and use a slower shutter speed. This will create a blur leading up the sharp image that the flash creates just before the shutter closes. You can also use a Monopod to help stabilize the camera. Call me if you have any other questions or problems. Let me know if that helps! 510.566.3263.